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Asphalt Paving

All new construction asphalt jobs and patches put into the specifications of Dun-Rite Construction & Paving, LLC. will come with a 3 year warranty against cracking.




All concrete jobs are warrantied for 2 years against separation and shifting. All concrete does crack so there is no warranty against cracking.



Foundation Sealing

All footer drains and foundation sealing will have a 20-year warranty against leaking.



Retaining Walls

All retaining walls will come with a 2-year warranty against movement.



Paver Stones

All paver stone patios, driveways, and sidewalks will come with a 3-year warranty against any movement or sinking.




*Any work that is not done to Dun Rite Construction & Paving, LLC.'s recommended specifications will have no warranty.

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